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Data mining tools are being broadly applied across varied industries like Financing, Retail, Healthcare, Production, Marketing, etc. to acknowledge major designs, trends, interactions, and conditions, and make smarter business decisions.

Precisely interpreting information contributes to enhanced customer care, enhanced processes, better quality, and informed business choices. In case your corporation has huge amounts of raw information, but not enough sources nor the technical know how to acquire precious information from it, EASolutions Data Mining services will help. At, our competent and experienced experts can help you acquire and control relevant information from data sets of any measurement, from any market in a reasonable and costeffective manner.

Our Data Mining Service Offerings

The Data Mining services of EASolutions follow all associated rules of data mining, and typical techniques of category, clustering, regression, pattern identification. This in turn lets you resolve sophisticated business dilemmas by revealing designs which CAn’t be frequently recognized using normal OLAP and tools that are query.

Social media has improved how the planet interacts. With more than 1 billion active Facebook users and 500 million+ productive Twitter customers, get information, 90% of the Fortune 500 businesses are buying data mining techniques and information analytics to anticipate customer behaviour and obtain better income.

Your socialmedia data mining solutions are intended for giving you an unprecedented view of global conversation styles and real time human behaviour. Your analysts filter through huge amounts of posts, friendships, individual pages, and metadata from a few of the world’s greatest social media programs, professional social support systems, blogs, and also other microblogging platforms to investigate trends and supply with information imperative to your business’s business interests. Your socialmedia data mining providers include –

Contact info data mining from Socials

Real-time ancient data mining to assess trends and

For subtracting consumer behaviors cultural data mining,

Data Mining Services For

We approach all our projects as a unique venture, since we know that every business, just like every single data mining project, has its own requirements. Our data mining expertise further consists of –

  • Data Extraction
  • Data Mining for Fraud Detection
  • Metadata Extraction
  • Online News and Information Research
  • Data Mining for Competitor Analysis
  • Data Mining to Judge Price Elasticity
  • Data Interpretation
  • Data Mining for Customer Segmentation
  • Data Mining for Marketing Channel Optimization
  • Spreadsheet Presentations of Extracted Data
  • Data Mining from Twitter
  • Data Mining from Facebook
  • Data Mining from Youtube
  • Data Mining from Odnoklassniki
  • Data Mining from Pinterest
  • Data Mining from Instangram
  • Data Mining from Linkedin
  • Data Mining from Mamba
  • White Pages Data Mining
  • Yellow Pages Data Mining
  • Data Mining from Multimedia Database
  • Data Mining from Websites
  • Data Stream and Sensor Data Mining

Why Choose EASolutions for Data Mining?

Having served over 9000 customers benefits, and our expertise, proven reputation quality set our strategy towards data mining and data warehousing aside from most of our opponents. With EASolutions as your partner, you remain to gain the following –

Highly cost-effective services that are, with nearly 60% savings in costs that is operational

A risk-free outsourcing expertise, backed-up by strict data protection guidelines

Multiple delivery platforms for Data mining reports, including PDF, Exceed presentation, XML, etc.

Tight commitment for the specified turnaround period without the damage in quality

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